Thursday, October 28, 2010

Experiencing Miracles First Hand

My mom’s cat was dying this weekend and she was so down and depressed she just did not think she could take one more death. Ever since my dad died 3 years ago she has been living a grief stricken life. I can’t even say life more like a slow death. It’s as if she died with him. Which explains why she has so many health problems including Multiple Sclerosis. Ever since his death she has not been able to come out of her grief. It’s as if she is paralyzed by fear and her disease is a direct reflection of her state of being. It has been very painful for me to witness this. Especially since we both experienced the loss of my dad and I have recovered better than I could ever imagine and my mom is suffering with unrelenting grief. How is this possible? Well, I had been bestowed by the grace of Swamiji (Paramahamasa Nithyananda) to buoyantly overcome the death of my beloved father whom I cherished. Before my dad died I literally thought that I was going to die with him. I never thought I would live through it; the thought was just too painful to endure. Well, to my surprise I did! I’m still standing. Not only am I still standing but also I have a clear understanding about death and all my fear has been removed. I was lucky enough to attend Nithyananda’s program called NSP (Nithyananda Spurana Program) where Swamiji literally works on your seven energy bodies which are Physical, Pranic, Etheric (Subtle), Spiritual, Casual, Cosmic and Nirvanic. By working directly with the Master you are able to release all your heavy numbing emotions like fear, sorrow, desire, guilt and pleasures. Just how the lotus blooms in the very presence of the sun, so too will your karmas burn in His presence!
Because I experienced such beautiful space of solace and peace, I wanted the same for my mother who has been not been able to come out of her grief or see any reason to continue living. She is simply existing not living.
So I have decided to ask Swamiji to please help her. She has reached a very dark place and she needs the assistance of an enlightened master to illuminate her heavy heart. I made my request to Him and the next day my mom experienced a few miracles. That morning unfortunately her cat did die and to my surprise she decided to go to work that day despite the incident. Not only did she have her cat die that morning but also she had quite a costly error at work, which could of cost her, her job. Surprisingly with out any logical explanation the error got sorted out and her boss told her “someone must be looking out for you!” Immediately she knew it was Swamiji. She was so shocked she could not believe it! And to her surprise she was gracefully accepting her cat’s death. She was so amazed in the change in her from the previous day to the present and how she was handling the death without any heaviness. She sounded so happy and joyful on the phone when I talked to her I was astonished. There was no way my mom could be so happy when her cat just died and almost got fired in one day! Through this beautiful miracle that my mom experienced I too benefited by being a witness to the whole thing. This really proved to me that there is hope for each and every individual soul out there to come out of their pain and suffering. All we need is an open heart and the intention to truly seek something larger than ourselves and allow these Divine miracles to work through us.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Practicing Seva Consciousness

“Life has no goal, it is a beautiful happening.”~Paramahamsa Nithyanada

According to Sikhi Wiki Encyclopedia of the Sikhs, Seva also Sewa, short for the word Karseva refers to ‘selfless service’, work or service performed without any thought or reward or personal benefit.
Seva is a Sanskrit word referring to volunteer work; selfless service or work offered to God.

Seva is a beautiful spiritual discipline that awakens us to the deeper truth of our beings.
It’s not about what we are doing; it’s about how we are doing it. What is our state of being as we are performing the service? What is our attitude? When we perform duties without any ideas of selfish rewards but as a contribution to the greater whole we automatically fall into a space on non-detachment. Krishna says in the Bhagavagita when our thoughts are only on ourselves, this creates bondage and this kind of attachment generates obstacles in our life. When there is attachment then there is suffering. Performing selfless acts is a way of achieving peace and harmony within ones life.
There are many benefits while practicing seva, the healing of others, our environment and ultimately us as we come to a deeper spiritual understanding.

When first presented with the project of seva I did not feel resistance towards the seva itself but resistance towards myself. I was able to recognize immediately that it was causing an internal tsunami. I had 2 choices; I could either resist it (which really I would be resisting myself) or dive in and work through my garbage. Seva has given me an opportunity to breakthrough all my stubborn little samskaras like procrastination, self-limitation and lack of self-confidence. As I sat down to do my task I found myself irresistible tempted by distractions. All the sudden I think I am hungry, thirsty or even the greatest escape trick I have to run to the bathroom. Everything else seemed more important than what I really needed to do. I realized I was doing the same thing I would do when I was in kid in school trying to do my homework. I would postpone, distract and delay as much as possible. As I was observing this I also noticed these self-defeating thoughts arising. Were they mine or were they voices of teachers, parents or society at large?

The real shift for me occurred when I decided to dedicate my seva to my guru Paramahasa Nithyanada then everything changed. My perception immediately changed and I felt a deep desire to make a difference plus I had the energy to fulfill it. The best thing I can suggest to someone who is struggling with this is to dedicate you seva to something higher than yourself. It does not have to be a guru, it could be a deity, someone you love, your cat even, heck it doesn’t matter! What this immediately does is remove ‘you’ from the equation. It’s as if instantly the biggest obstacle is removed and that is yourself. The strange that happens is when you dedicate your service to someone or something else ultimately you are offering yourself the best gift of transformation. Doing such devotional service can literally elevate you being to higher dimensions. Seva is one of those things where you are giving and receiving simultaneously which can bring fulfillment. When we are completely unattached to our actions our mind automatically falls into the state of Nithyananda (eternal bliss), which is the essence of yoga. Then the magic starts to flow!

It’s like yoga asanas. In the beginning there is so much pain and resistance going on but if I just stay focused and centered knowing that it is for my own good I will eventually breakthrough. When doing my seva it is the same uncomfortable feeling but when I look back at my yoga practice when I just stayed diligent and did it despite my negative chatter I eventually was able to perform a much difficult asana much to my surprise. In the same way I am breaking through all my limited beliefs about myself. There is no tomorrow, I will not feel more inspired later, I have been given this opportunity to breakthrough now so utilize this beautiful gift! Don’t miss this opportunity to merge with the Divine.

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you feel yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Suddenly, dormant forces, faculties and talents within you become alive and you discover yourself to be a greater person that you ever dreamed yourself to be” ~Patanjali