Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In Swamiji's morning Satsangs He is talking on Bhakti (Devotion) every day He is revealing another component. Today is was on Prema Bhakti (the highest form of love for God) it has been described as desperate longing, a person drowning and grasping for air. He says "You don't own Bhakti, Bhakti owns you." It is nothing that can be possessed it can only posses you. When we try to put words to our love and devotion we diminish it, Bhakti can only be experienced.
The best way I can describe my experience is when the Guru enters your life it's as if He moves into your house, rearranges ALL the furniture, throws out all the trash and makes Himself comfortable in the couch of your heart. He declares permanent residence and nothing can be done but pure surrender.
When everything else fails in life and we come to the conclusion that life is purposeless all we have left is our love and devotion to the Supreme we can relax in the ultimate ecstasy by letting go of what is not real and surrendering to what is Real.

When success stops impressing me
And I fall into the depression of my being
Let me feel your enveloping Presence
And heed Your call, O Arunachala! ~Paramahamsa Nithyanada

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