Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Darshan: A vision of Divinity

The word darshan literally means ‘sight’ or ‘vision’ ‘to see something Divine’. In truth darshan is not a physical phenomenon, as the process is not bound by space. If you happen to read the words of a Master, and it causes a ‘click’ (a powerful transformation) in your life, you have indeed had the darshan of the Master, even if you have never met him before!
When the Existential energy flowers into a form that your eyes can see and consciousness can perceive, and when it causes a transformation in you, it is called ananda darshan!
Ananda Darshan is the time when you are in the presence of the Master’s surging energy. You go near him and he touches you on your ajna chakra, thus transmitting the energy and experience of enlightenment to you. The form that you see is the enlightened Master who happens from time to time on planet earth.
A Master’s darshan is like a huge wave rising in the ocean of Existence. The wave never gets disconnected from the ocean, but at the same time expresses itself as tremendous dynamic energy! A river is also connected to the ocean, but it doesn’t have the dynamic energy of the wave. It just flows passively, that’s all. But ananda darshan is the dynamic wave that rises in the blissful ocean of Existence. It creates a churning that can completely transform you.
In some people, darshan may have obvious effects like tears, laughter, or instant spiritual clarity. In others, there is no apparent effect at that moment, but a silent process of transformation would have been initiated within. So during darshan, the only thing to remember is to remain open and flowing, and welcome one’s own unique experience as a gift from the Divine!

‘After attending energy darshan, I had a strong experience, what Paramahamsa Nithyanada calls ‘satori’…….when he touched my third eye, I closed my eyes and had a vision of the entire cosmos which was in me. This vision stayed with me for a long time.’

-Alain Garnier, accountant, France

“When you work with the truth, you do not need to believe it. The very power of the truth will shake you.” ~Paramahamsa Nithyanada

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