Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Success and Abundance

Is it possible to create prosperity by being happy?
Yes! Of course it is!

Our thoughts and energy have the capacity to create and attract situations and people of the same nature into our lives. Our thoughts and energy directly affect our body, our cell structure, our decisions, all incidents in the outer world and even the accidents that happen in our lives!

Most of the time, our actions are prompted either by the desire to gain something, or the fear of loosing something. When we function out of these emotions, we create a negative mental setup and limit our energy flow.
If we can change our mental setup to our original state of bliss or ananda, we will be flooded with energy and clarity. We will experience a deep connection with Existential energy who is the source of abundance and success.

In the west we have focused our efforts on the outer world science, innovation, discovery and creation of products and services to improve the quality of life and comforts. These products and services have greatly improved the quality of life of humans all over the world.
Just as there is a science of the outer world, there is vast a science of the inner world. These inner world scientists are called rishis and they worked on various tools and techniques to handle the different emotions we experience and our mind.
These tools and techniques are called meditation. Meditation has been proven to lower your thoughts per second. When we have less thoughts we have less stress and increase our productivity. Our decisions become free or doubt and conflict. We have more energy to create the life we want. When your mental setup is driven by inspiration and joy, you will automatically attract outer-world fortune.

“Less thoughts more action.” ~Paramahamsa Nithyanada

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